The Foundation


What are the values or beliefs that inform our work?
What would be our ultimate hope to accomplish as a result of our efforts?

Our ultimate Goal is a better understanding of the world and world peace.


How do we plan to work toward this broad vision?
For whose specific benefit does the foundation exist?

Our mission is to help expose people directly in understanding the different peoples and cultures so that we can live in world peace.

Guiding Principles

We list here the principles of the Robert & MeiLi Hefner Foundation regarding the role of philanthropy and the results and impact they want to achieve with this foundation.

  • The Hefner Foundation is driven by the interests and passions of Robert & MeiLi Hefner.

  • We fund projects in the areas of interest in clean energy, culture, foreign affairs and education.

  • We believe in building long term positive relations between the United States and China, and Asia, a relationship we believe to be the defining global relationship of centuries to come.

  • We keep an open mind and learn and grow.

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