The Robert & MeiLi Hefner Foundation has partnered with elite high schools in the USA, China and Asia as part of the foundation’s effort to build long-term positive relations between these countries.

Beijing High School No. 4, China


Beijing High School No. 4 has clarified the aim of training students to lay the foundation for the youths in their morality, intelligence, physical health, and to help every student have a comprehensive and balanced development. They strive to develop their students into individuals with a sense of responsibility, national spirit and proficiency in traditional culture. They also hope their students obtain a willingness to perfect themselves, have the awareness and accomplishment a modern citizen needs, and have not only knowledge but also physical and mental health. They reach to cultivate humans rather than just students. BHSF has treated education as the education of humans from the very beginning. The students of BHSF should be independent, optimistic, and proactive. 

Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics, USA


The Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics (OSSM) is a prestigious two-year residential public high school located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Established by the Oklahoma legislature in 1983, the school was designed to educate academically gifted high school students in advanced mathematics and science. OSSM opened its doors in 1990 to its inaugural class, the class of 1992. It is a member of the National Consortium for Specialized Secondary Schools of Mathematics, Science and Technology. Students are accepted from all over the State of Oklahoma, and students from each of Oklahoma's 77 counties have been selected to attend. OSSM fulfills its educational mission at no charge to its students; tuition, as well as room and board, is provided by the State of Oklahoma. Visit and read more about OSSM at

The Webb Schools, California, USA


The Webb Schools, located in Claremont, California strives to develop leaders from its students, men and women of character who demonstrate through their actions virtues of enduring worth. The Webb education inspires and nurtures high school boys and girls to become men and women who think creatively and boldly, act with honor and distinction, lead with the courage to do what is right and serve with a generous spirit. The entire school community is dedicated to preparing our students to be leaders in both their public and private lives. Students on campus come from 16 states and 18 countries to comprise of the school’s 400 students enrolled on one campus. Visit and read more about The Webb Schools at

Past Partners

NUS High School of Math and Science, Singapore


NUS High School in Singapore has been fertile ground for research in Math and Science. Numerous students from NUS high school have presented their research projects at local and overseas conferences and the high school is the cradle of the first local annual high school research congress. Nurturing well-rounded and world-ready scientific minds is our core business and mission, by providing a wide range of subjects in our curriculum and an array of co-curricular activities. We also have in place an Affective Character Education Programme to equip students with social-emotional competencies that would stand them in good stead to make distinguished contributions to society in future. To read more about NUS High School please visit

Cheyenne High School, Oklahoma, USA


Cheyenne High School, located in Cheyenne, Oklahoma, serves students in grades 9 through 12. Its academic curriculum includes programs in agriculture education, industrial arts, English, mathematics, science, social science and computer technology. The school additionally conducts classes in art, music, geography and physical education. The School's athletics department offers a variety of sports activities, such as baseball, basketball, cheerleading and softball. It supports several clubs and organizations that include the National Honor Society, Future Farmers of America, student council, and band, speech and yearbook clubs. In addition, Cheyenne High School employs counselors who provide guidance and support services to students, teachers and parents. Visit and read more at

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