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Hefner Initiative-Beijing High School No. 4 visit Oklahoma City, January 2016

Chickasaw Cultural Center, Oklahoma
<br> Chickasaw Cultural Center,
Oklahoma, January 2016
Attending Classes at OSSM, Oklahoma City,
January 2016
 Western Heritage Museum
 Western Heritage Museum<br> 
Home Stay with Host Family, Oklahoma City, January 2016<br> 
Zhoujie Li Learning of Oklahoma's Weather, Western Heritage Museum<br> 
NBA Oklahoma Thunder Basketball game<br> 
Chickasaw Cultural Center, Oklahoma, January 2016<br> 
Chickasaw, Oklahoma, January 2016<br> 
Beijing High School No. 4 Students at OSSM, February 2016<br> 
     Farewell Dinner BHS4 students & OSSM students, February 2016<br> 
     Learning about Native American History<br> 
Beijing High School students learning Film Studies, OK Comm. College<br> 
Beijing High School students, OK Comm. College Film Department<br>