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Hefner Initiative 2016, Beijing and Suzhou, China

The group explores the Forbidden City<br> 
The Forbidden City<br> 
The Forbidden City<br> 
Hiking the Great Wall of China<br> 
Visiting Beihai Park in Beijing<br> 
Learning calligraphy in Beijing<br> 
Learning to play the erhu, a traditional Chinese string instrument<br> 
Visiting the Humble Administrator's Garden in Suzhou<br> 
Touring Suzhou by rickshaw<br> 
Visiting Suzhou No. 1 Silk Mill<br> 
A group portrait at Hanshan Buddhist Temple in Suzhou<br> 
Visiting Tiger Hill Pagoda in Suzhou<br> 
A warm welcome in Suzhou<br> 
Making dumplings in Suzhou<br> 
Enjoying the view at Jinji Lake in Suzhou<br>