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Hefner Initiative - China 2018, Beijing & Suzhou

Visiting Tiananmen Square with our BHSF host buddies<br> 
Mr. Fan from BHSF shows us around the Forbidden City<br> 
Burning incense at the Lama Temple in Beijing<br> 
The group at the end of our hike up the Great Wall<br> 
Exploring the Ming Tombs outside Beijing<br> 
Enjoying a garden walk<br> 
Testing out the Echo Wall at the Temple of Heaven<br> 
Playing jianzi in a park in Beijing<br> 
Attaira learns the hulusi<br> 
Jaden and Alejandro learning to play a Chinese gourd flute<br> 
Learning from a puzzle master in Shushan village<br> 
A warm welcome at a community center in Suzhou<br>