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Hefner Initiative - China 2019, Beijing & Suzhou

Entrance to Lama Temple, Beijing<br> 
Shantang Ancient Town, Suzhou<br> 
Ancient Kun Opera Theatre, Suzhou<br> 
Beijing No. 4 High School Campus, Beijing<br> 
Great Wall of China, Beijing<br> 
Noodle Restaurant, Beijing<br> 
798 Art Zone, Beijing<br> 
Beihai Park Gate, Beijing<br> 
Learning how to play the Bamboo Gourd, Suzhou<br> 
Learning Calligraphy, Suzhou<br> 
Making dumplings, Suzhou<br> 
Riding the Rickshaws, Suzhou<br> 
Hefner Scholars & Ambassador, Summer Palace, Beijing<br> 
Hot Pot Restaurant, Beijing<br> 
Temple of Heaven, Beijing<br>