New Hefner Initiative Program at OSSM

Under the Hefner China Fund, MeiLi & Robert A Hefner III recently established the “Hefner Initiative -OSSM” Award in partnership with the Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics (OSSM).  The two awards are based on the following qualifications and requirements from applicants:

* Seniors from the Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics, Oklahoma
* ACT or SAT Score
* A solid performance at OSSM (academic and citizenship)
* Resume submitted by the student
* An essay on the applicant’s view in regard to “US/China relations”

The OSSM committee for the “Hefner Initiative – OSSM” Award will review the applications and essays and submit the semi-finalists to Mr. & Mrs. Hefner to select the winners.  The winners will be known as “Hefner Awardee”.

The award consists of a 10-day trip to China/Asia (i.e. comprising of return air tickets and accommodation paid for by the Hefner China Fund) and the Hefners will announce the cities of the destinations of the award at a later date.

On their return, the two “Hefner Awardees” are required to write about their trip and a follow up essay on how they now view “US/China relations”.  The Hefner Awardees are encouraged to give talks to their community and share their experiences with family, friends and fellow students.

Hefner Initiative-Aspen Strategy Group
Summer Workshop at The Aspen Institute, Colorado, August 2006 “China’s March on the 21st Century”
(to view the Hefner Tribute Page click here) We thank our Chinese visitors for participating.
Thank you, Hefner Awardees:

Chu Shulong, Director, lnstitute of Strategic Studies; Professor of Political Science, School of Public Policy and Management, Tsinghua University
Cui Liru, President, China Institute of Contemporary International Relations Huang Ping, Director General, Bureau of International Cooperation & Exchanges; Professor of Sociology, Institute of Sociology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
Ma Jun, Director, Institute of Public Environment
Ruan Zongze, Vice President, China Institute of International Studies
Wang Jisi, Dean, School of International Studies, Peking University