Hefner Initiative-The Webb Schools 2011 Announcement

December 20, 2011

U.S./China/Singapore Cultural Exchange and Experiential Learning Program

Webb is one of only two secondary schools in the country chosen by the MeiLi & Robert Hefner ’53 Foundation to participate in the Hefner Initiative—a competitive educational program that offers two Webb juniors the extraordinary opportunity to travel and learn in Asia in the summer of 2012.

The 10-day, all-expense-paid travel program will include a variety of tours, a guide and translator. The two winning students from Webb will be joined by two students from the Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics.

Webb students wishing to apply for the 2012 Hefner Initiative should submit the following by January 13, 2012: 1) an original essay on the contemporary state of Sino-American relations; 2) PSAT scores and current GPA; 3) a student resume.

Student winners, on their return and after gaining a personal, first-hand perspective, are invited to write a second essay on their prognosis regarding the future course of Sino-American relations in the 21st Century. Awardees also speak and share their experiences and photos at student assemblies and community events.

The entry deadline is January 30, 2012; winners will be announced in March 2012.

Robert A. Hefner III ’53 is an alumnus of The Webb Schools. In 1998 he established The Raymond M. Alf Inspirational and Unbounded Teaching Chair. He also established an endowment for Excellence in Science with the goal of inspiring Webb students to explore new opportunities.
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